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Definition, Importance, And Steps Of Research Design

Research design and steps of research design is very important part of research proposal, research paper and dissertation writing tasks. In this informative post by The Academic Papers UK, you will get to know about the definition of research design, importance of research design and steps of research design. Along with this, some essential elements of research design are also explained;

Definition, Importance, And Steps Of Research Design 

Research design definition

A framework of methods and techniques that are chosen by a researcher for the purpose of combining various components of research is known as the research design. With the help of the research design, it is easy for us to handle various research problems.  
It also provides a satisfactory answer to the question that how to use a particular research methodology to conduct research. With the help of the research design, it is also possible for all the researchers to assess the list of research questions. Neutrality, reliability, validity, and generalization are some essential qualities of research design. The research designs are classified into two major parts. First is known as qualitative research design and second is known as the quantitative research design. 

Some essential elements of research design are explained below;

1) It is necessary for us to explain the accurate purpose statement in the research design.

2) It is also necessary for us to provide an overview of the techniques that are necessary for us to gather enough data for the research paper.

3) To provide complete details of the methods that are required to analyze the collected data

4) Complete detail about the research methodology that is required to gather enough data for your research paper

5) The setting of the research study

6) Complete detail about the timeline to gather enough data for research methodology

Importance of research designs

There are lots of benefits to designing research designs for the researchers. Some of these benefits are explained below;

1) With the help of these research designs, it is possible for us to gain insight into the possible methods of the research instructions.

2) While checking these research designs, teachers can’t show biasing and they have to be reflective.

3) With the help of research designs, it is also possible for us to shape the intuitive practice of research.

4) The researchers have enough control over the variables of research.

5) It is also possible for the researchers to perform experiments on the basis of this research design.

6) For rigour, it is also possible for us to combine this research method with other research methods. 

7) It is also possible for the researchers to determine what is best for the population.

8) With the help of this research design, it is also possible for us to get more transferable results. 

Steps of research design

To write a research design, you will have to follow some specific steps. Some essential steps that you should follow while writing a research design are given below;

1) Defining a problem

First of all, you will have to define the problem. You should try to define your problem in such a way that readers can easily get an idea of what you are going to research and how your research is strongly related to your study. It is possible only if you try to clearly explain all the operational terms in the research design. Therefore, before defining your problem in the research design, you should take an overview of this problem from all the aspects. 

2) Data sources

It is a fact that to write a research paper, it is necessary for the students to gather data from different resources. Therefore, after defining the problem, the students should try to provide a list of all the resources from where you will gather data for your research paper. These resources can be in the form of library books, personal documents, fieldwork and journal articles, etc.

3) Nature of research

It is also necessary for you to provide an idea about the nature of research in the research design. By providing an idea about the nature of research, you will be in a better position to write your research design by choosing a statistical, experimental or comparative kind of study. Moreover, you should also try to provide an idea about all the subsequent stages in planning that are required to describe relevance to the proposed problem.

4) The objective of the study

Either you are going to write your research paper by adopting theoretical understanding or experimental understanding, it is necessary for you to provide a clear objective of the study in the research design. Its reason is that by adopting a clear design of the study, you will be able to get proper responses from the respondents. 

5) Social-Cultural context

You should set your research design by keeping in mind the social-cultural context. Its reason is that by setting the social-cultural context in your research design, it will be easy for you to set clear conceptual references in your research paper. 

6) Temporal context

While designing the research design, it is also necessary for you to keep in mind the temporal context. In this temporal context, it is necessary for you that you should have enough idea about the physical limit of design. Its reason is that by describing the physical limit of your research paper, it will be easy for you to link your hypothesis with the actual results of your research paper. With the help of this temporal context, it is also possible for the reader to get an idea either your research paper is linked to a specific group or you are going to present general results. 

7) Dimension

It is a fact that it is almost impossible for you to analyze the data which is gathered from the whole universe. Therefore, while setting a research design, it is also necessary for you to set an acceptable and representative sample. This sample will facilitate you while setting design for your research.

8) Basis of selection

No doubt, to choose the right sample is a critical step for the students but by following some specific steps, it is possible for the researchers to overcome difficulties of selecting the best and right sample. Students should try to set such a research sample that should be scientifically valid and it should also be free from bias. 

9) Methods of data collection

There are two possible methods to gather the data for a research paper. First is known as qualitative research methodology and second is known as a quantitative research methodology. It is necessary for the students to provide an overview of specific research methodology which is necessary to gather the data for the academic paper.

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Random assignment: all you need to know

Random assignment can be explained as the use of chance procedures in psychological experiments as it ensures that each participant has the same or equal opportunity to be assigned into any group to gather the most unbiased evidences and results. When forming study groups, the study participants are randomly assigned to groups; be it experimental groups or the treatment group. This can be done with tactics such as flipping a coin, drawing names from a hat, rolling the dice or even assigning numbers to the participants to divide them in groups without any prejudice.

It is essential to understand the difference between random assignment and random selection as both are not the same. When we talk about random selection, it is all about how the participants are randomly chosen to represent the larger population while random assignment is all about how these chosen participants are assigned to the groups for experimentation. 

Random assignment definition 

Random assignment has been defined by the website of Psychology and Society as, “a procedure in conducting experiments in which each participant has the same probability of being assigned to a particular condition of the experiment”.

Example of random assignment 

If a researcher is interested in the influence of music on job motivation, some participants would be assigned to a condition in which they would hear music during their work. The other participants would be assigned a condition in which they would not hear music while working. In such a case, a coin will be flipped or some other means would be used to determine which condition each participant should be assigned. This is the random assignment process in which the participants are assigned to the groups without being given any preferences to what they want or what the experimenter wants. 

Significance of random assignment 

It is necessary to understand why a researcher would randomly assign participants to certain groups for experimentation. The answer to this is that random assignment can allow researchers to rule out the explanations based on personality and individual difference variables. The random assignment makes it possible for participants with certain characteristics to be a part of experiment. 

Random assignment vs random sampling

Random sampling is related to random assignment but it is a distinct process as random sampling is all about recruiting participants in a manner that they present a larger section of population. It is because even the most basic of statistical tests require information and data regarding the randomly sampled population to assess the data and ensure standardized testing conditions. It also helps to ensure that there have been no interferences with the sampling method and it provides controls for all attributes of the members of the samples.

Random sampling is also considered a justified means of selecting a sample from a given population as every member gets equal chance of getting selected for the experiment. It is important to select the people for any experiment in an unbiased random selection so that most accurate conclusions can be drawn. 

Benefits of random assignment

There are multiple benefits of random assignment; its helps to ensure that any differences between and within the groups of participants are not systematic at the beginning of the experiment. Thus, the differences that have been recorded at the end of the experiment can be rightly attributed to the experimental procedures or the treatment and not any other factor. 

Random assignment ensures that each participant in an experiment has the same opportunity to be assigned to any group without any preference or favoritism. The participants for the study are randomly assigned in any group to check out the clarity of results. It is important to realize that random assignment plays a key part in the psychology research process. It helps to eliminate possible sources of bias and makes it easy for the researcher to generalize the results of a population to a larger group.

It ensures that the members of each group in the experiment are the same and the people in the group represent that larger part of the population, clearing of all confusions and misconceptions. With help of this technique, the researchers can study even the most complex phenomena and make the understanding of human mind and behavior easy and convenient. 

With help of random assignment and placement, it becomes easy to select and assign participants for experiments; it can be either humans or animals using any random method so that researchers can look forward to the best results. 

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5 Strategies To Improve Problem Solving Skills In Students

Problem-solving is the process to find the right solution to the complex problem. Students can find problem-solving techniques from books such as artificial intelligence, computer science and mathematics. Basically, the term problems solving highlights some discipline. In simple words, it is a mental process in which a person is able to handle a difficult issue. Teachers also face this critical problem, because, their students are unable to solve the study problems. Having a good problem solving skill is most essential in order to make a decision and achieve the goal.

Importance Of Problem Solving Skills

Teachers know very well that problem-solving skill is the foundation to gain success in life. If the students are not able to handle all the little problems then they will not concentrate on their studies. A good teacher is the builder of a nation; therefore, giving the correct answer is not the responsibility of a teacher, indeed, he has to make an essential effort in order to improve student, reading, writing and problem-solving skills. Learning in school is a stage where children leave their parents and come to another person. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a teacher to make this little childa good and successful person. Let’s discuss 5 strategies to improve problems solving skills in the students.

Encourage Creative Play:Playing creative games can improve problem-solving skills of the students. If we see in the older day then wooden blocks are very useful play for the children. Coming out in the wooden blocks is a difficult task that you should give your children. You should keep in mind that students can learn most of the things by facing difficult challenges.

Give Task In The Class: Giving little task in the class is very beneficial for the students. It will increase their confidence level as well as problem-solving skill. For example, give a task to the student to handle a complete exercise in one hour. Although, completing one exercise in one hour is difficult ,yet, it will increase the skill of making decision.

Help With Hints, Don’t Solve The Problem: It is acceptable to give hints in order to solve a problem, but don’t solve the problem. Giving hints will make the student able to understand a point and focus on the problem. It is complex to watch that a child is struggling for handling a problem,but, you should keep in mind that students will learn a lot of things for it.

Time The Amount Of Time That Child Take To Solve A Issue: One most important point that you should note during the process of improving problem solving-skill is the amount of time. Notice that a child is taking the same time or less time in solving the same hurdle. It is sure that a child will take less amount of time during the process of problem-solving. In this manner, the student will be able to improve the skill of making decision. In this way, he will be able to make a decision and take the right step on it.

Brainstorm Ideas: Having brainstorm ideas are also useful and beneficial for a child in order to improve the skill of problem-solving. Brainstorming ideas will make better the immune system of any person. If the immune system will be good then a student will be able to handle all the difficult problems. 

Give Students Room To Solve Their Problem: Most of the time, students don’t improve their problem-solving skills, because, they don’t get opportunity to solve their own problems. Therefore, it is most essential that you should give room to the students that they can find a solution in order to handle their own problems. If student will make some efforts then he will be able to handle the entire basic problem fearlessly. Don’t be reluctant to give hints to the student to solve their problems.

Give Multiple Goals To Keep Child’s Interest:If you really want to improve a child’s problem-solving skills then you should give them multiple tasks. For example, if a student achieves a goal and solves a problem then he thinks that he is able to handle all the hurdles of life. No need to give relaxation to the children, indeed, you should give them more than one task. In this way child will be engagedin the problem-solving skill and will be able to face all the difficulties of life without any special effort. To conclude, we can say that you should adopt all the strategies in order to improve problem-solving skills in students. If you want to get more useful tips then contact with Dissertation Writing Service.

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Know Facts About Thesis Writing - You Would Feel You Were Wrong Before

Before knowing the facts about thesis writing, you should clearly understand the thesis writing process. After understanding the meaning and purpose of writing a thesis, you will be in a better position to understand the facts to write thesis. A thesis is an academic document that is written by the students to get an academic degree. The content of the thesis should be unique and it should be based on the personal research and findings of the students. Here, we will explain some facts about thesis writing. After reading these facts, you will feel that you were wrong before. 

1) Establish before writing the thesis

To write down the best quality thesis is not just like a walk in a park because to write a thesis requires qualitative reasoning in your path. Therefore, before commencing thesis writing task, you should try to establish some things like what is the deadline to write a thesis, how to write it before the deadline, what is the structure and format of thesis and what is the word count requirements of thesis etc. After establishing yourself for the thesis writing task, you will find a roadmap to complete it before the deadline. 

2) The topic makes or breaks your thesis

The first step to write a thesis is to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea. Most of the students don’t provide enough importance to the topic selection step. As a result, they select an odd topic idea for their thesis. When they commence thesis writing task, they feel that it is hard for them to generate enough ideas relevant to this odd topic idea. On the other hand, the students who select an interesting and intriguing topic idea after conducting effective research feel it easy to generate enough ideas to complete the thesis. An interesting topic idea is also helpful for students to explore their point of views in a unique way. 

3) There is a need for a captivating preliminary write up

An awesome preliminary is also helpful for the students to create a monument of their thesis. With the help of awesome preliminary, you just need to prepare a plan on how to capture the attention of the readers towards the main theme of the thesis. For this reason, the students just need to read out lots of academic papers relevant to the thesis topic. After reading out these academic papers, the students can easily prepare a list of interesting arguments relevant to their topic idea. When the students add these interesting arguments in their thesis, they can easily capture the attention of the readers. 

4) Facts only and neglect assumptions

The only way to get the best grades by submitting a thesis is to create the best quality content. Therefore, you should create such content for your thesis that should be based on the facts and it should also be unbiased. On the other hand, if you are adding loopholes and criticism in your thesis, it means that you are providing a free hand to your supervisor to cut your marks. While writing your thesis, it is also necessary for you to conduct thorough research. This thorough research will be helpful for the students to find out new angles, insights and information to write your thesis. While conducting effective research, you will also find some existing issues relevant to your topic idea. If you provide possible solutions to these issues in your thesis, you will be able to increase the authenticity of your thesis. 

5) Get skilled help

Nowadays, we are living in an age of technology. This technology is helpful for us in various ways. In a similar way, if you are not able to write a thesis before the deadline, you can get help from experts of Ph.D dissertation writing service by using this technology. These expert writers are skilled persons in your subject area and they can easily provide the best solution to your thesis before the deadline. You just need to find out a reliable thesis writing service, contact with their customer representatives and place an order to their thesis along with requirements and guidelines. 

Another fact to write a thesis is that the students should have a vast vocabulary. With the help of this vast vocabulary, the students will be in the position to create unique and original content without repeating the same words again and again. The repetition of words in the thesis can annoy the audience members. 


A thesis is an essential form of academic paper that presents the original research and points of views of the students. Before commencing thesis writing task, the students should have enough idea about some facts. First of all, before writing a thesis, you should establish yourself. Secondly, you should select an interesting and intriguing topic idea. Thirdly, you should present facts rather than assumptions. Fourthly, if you are not able to create a monument of your thesis, you should get help from experts of thesis writing services.

  About the author:

Ana Rudolf is a research writer affiliated with a Ph.D dissertationwriting service provider company. She helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. She also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of her interests in her free time.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Case Study Writing

A case study is related to the experimental inquiry. It explains the research method with complete details. A case study is totally depended on investigation and deep research. It also explains the principles of investigation.  According to the Oxford definition “a case study is a process of investigation into the expansion of a special situation, group or period".
The case study method is related to experience, observation, and investigation. 

Case Study Method Definition

The case study method was updated in 2014. The case study method is related to experience, observation, and investigation. It is the method of gathering information in different ways. A case study is a complete system to observe things. The case study method is very critical or tough. All the method of study should be planned. First, you should observe things and then investigate it very deeply. According to the C.H Cooley ’’ case study method is a little inclusive and intensive study of a person that explains and shows skills or method of individual”.

Case Study In Psychology  

Sigmund Freud has used a case study in psychology. Most case studies are used in psychology. Observation and interview are two essential parts of the psychology case study. It is the process of investigation of a person, community and group. Without a particular topic case study cannot be defined. It is the process of development that shows how things are happening. In common words, we can say that psychology study allows investigating complete detail about a topic. In the observation part, we will judge the daily routine life of a person. You will create an official document for your case study.

Example Of A Case Study

A case study will provide you with complete information about a special person with all characteristics. Example of a case study is given below:

  1. Research always investigates the memory person and brain level of a person. It tells the ability of a person to remember things.
  2. A case study will conduct the musical abilities of a person. It also tells the ability to write a song with exceptional ability.

Limitations In Case Study:

A case study has significant limitations. The first limitation is related to the conclusion. We are bound to write a formal conclusion in the case study and second, we are bound to use the first person in the case studies.

Types of case study 

Under the common parlance, the case study has divided into subdivisions. There are four types of case studies. Each case study is selected and depends upon particular topics and goals.

  1. Illustrative Case Studies:  It is a primary descriptive study. Illustrative case study utilizes an event and shows the situation too. It is related to an event with complete its details. It provides a common language to the reader about an event.
  2. Exploratory Case Study: It is related to the performance and investigation on a large scale. The main function of the exploratory case study is identifying the function of the time. It also explains the conclusions of the pilot.
  3. Cumulative Case Studies: This case study investigates the abilities of mind of a person and informs different things at the same time. The main function of this case study is to the collection of past things, events in order to find complete details of the case study.
  4. Critical Instance Case Study: The main work of a critical case study is criticism. We observe things and investigate situations with the universal assertion. This case study is very useful. 

Characteristics Of Case Study

The characteristics of the case study are given below
i. A large number of units can be explained in a small form
ii. It is the study of individuality as well as socially
iii. The case study can be quantities and qualitative
iv. The main function of the case study is to cover the method of time
v. It has its own nature which explains the observation
vi. It is narrow focused which provide us with high detail about an event or person
vii. We can mix the objective and subjective part of the case study
viii. It is a deep understanding of a particular event
ix. A case study is always flexible which allows many research methods.

Case Study Format

  • Analyze The Case Completely: Before writing the case study, you should take important notes. After taking notes to give a mark to the relevant facts and highlight the main problems. 
  • Focus On Examination: You should keep in mind the key problems and search why they exist and who is responsible for all problems in the case study.  You should organize all your notes. This is a good preparation before writing your case study. 
  • Make Changes: You can make changes in course reading as well as the discussion chapter. Highlight your outside experience and put down your own experience. 
  • Generate Solution: You should create a solution for all the problems. Keep in mind the support evidence as well as conclusions. The solution should be realistic. 

Tips To Write A Case Study Like A Pro

  • Introduction Part:  In the introduction part, you should identify the main problems in the case study. Write down the thesis statement. Clear the outcome of the examination in the organized sentences. 
  • Background section: In the background section, you should fix the scene. Provide all background information. Write the relevant facts and problems. Illustrate your research in the case study. 
  • Examine the case:  Thesis statement and outline is the most essential part of your case study, therefore, you should focus on it.  Examine your piece of work is important or not. Write all the main points and examine that are working or not. Write all important notes.  You should collect all the information related to your subject.
  • Recommendations: You should recommend the action and present the solution to all the problems. You should finalize your case study. Proofread and recheck your case study before ending.

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The Format And Guidelines of Writing Scholarly Essays

A scholarly essay is different from a generic essay because the audience of scholarly essay is your fellow scholars. Therefore, to write a scholarly essay, you will have to conduct effective research and you will have to present your point of view in a unique way. 

To write a scholarly essay, you should adopt a plain and clear writing style and you should try to create unique and original content. 

While writing a scholarly essay, it is also necessary for you to adjust your thinking. To write a scholarly essay, your writing style should be very clear to the audience members and you should have enough command on your subject. If the students are not able to write a scholarly essay, they can get help from essay writing services. Some essential guidelines and format to write a scholarly essay are given below;

Format of a scholarly essay

Structure and format are two essential things to remember while creating a monument of a scholarly essay. Some essential tips about the format of a scholarly essay are given below;

1) Writing style

You can write an essay in MLA, APA or Chicago writing style. Before selecting a particular writing style for your essay, you should read out the requirements and guidelines of your advisor and try to select such a writing style that is recommended by your advisor.

2) Font size and font style

Usually, the font style for a scholarly essay is Time New Roman and the font size is 12 points.

3) Spacing 

There should be double spacing between words throughout the whole essay. As we know that a scholarly essay consists of five paragraphs. Therefore, each paragraph of your essay should start with indentation.

4) Margins

There should one-inch margin from all sides of the page.

5) Page numbers

You should provide numbering to all the pages of your scholarly essay. These page numbers should be included on the top left side of the page.

6) Title

The title of your scholarly essay should be centered and it should be written above the first line of the essay. The font style and font size of your title should be the same as in the essay.
After properly formatting the essay, there comes the structure of an essay. The structure of an essay is divided into three sections and these three sections are divided into five paragraphs. The introductory section of your essay should be written in the first paragraph. The body of your essay should consist of three paragraphs. The concluding section of your essay should also consist of only one paragraph.

Guidelines to write a scholarly essay

After getting an idea about the structure and format of a scholarly essay, you should try to know the possible guidelines to create a monument of a scholarly essay. These guidelines are given below;

1) Thesis

Thesis statement consists of the main insight or main theme of your essay and in the most part of the essay; you will have to demonstrate your thesis statement. Thesis statement of a scholarly essay should be true and arguable. You should provide such arguments in your thesis statement for which you have enough evidence and supporting examples.

2) Agenda

There should be a particular agenda in your scholarly essay and this agenda should not be relevant to you only rather than this agenda should also be interesting and relevant to all the audience members. Therefore, you should try to accomplish the agenda of your essay with analysis, description and arguments. An agenda of your essay should also provide a sense of direction to the audience members.

3) Evidence

After presenting the argument in the thesis statement, it is also necessary for you to prove true these arguments. You can easily prove your arguments with the help of facts, quotes, examples and details. For the purpose of persuading the audience members, you should try to provide the right kinds of evidence.

4) Analysis

The analysis is also considered as one of the most important parts of your scholarly essay. With the help of analysis, you should try to draw the significance or implication of your arguments. The analysis provides an idea about the sense of the writer to the audience members. Summarizing and quoting are considered as two essential terms of analysis.

5) Key terms

You should also try to add some terms in your essay. The key terms of your essay should be clear and these key terms should appear throughout in your essay. These key terms should be appropriate to the subject in your hand. There is no need to make these terms complex for the audience members by adding some clich├ęs or abstractions.

6) Assumptions

To make invertible assumptions is also a responsibility of a writer. These assumptions should be understandable for the audience members. Its reason is that these understandable assumptions are easily taken by the audience members. On the other hand, if you have taken some unclear or unarguable assumptions in your essay, these assumptions will not be acknowledged by the audience members.

7) Sources

To write a scholarly essay, you will have to gather data from different sources. These sources should be authentic. Moreover, after gathering data from these sources, you should try to acknowledge these sources in the citation section. Typical forms of sources that you can add in your scholarly essay are given below;
A) Factual information
B) Interpretations of your topic idea
C) Some comparable versions relevant to your topic idea
D) Some applicable and general concepts

8) Style

As we have discussed earlier that with the help of scholarly essay, you are going to speak with the educated readers. Therefore, the style of your scholarly essay should be clear and exact. Instead of adopting a flat writing style, you should prefer to write your essay by adopting a plain writing style.


You should not write a scholarly essay just like a generic essay because the readers of the scholarly essay are scholars. In order to last the first impression on the minds of readers, you should try to make the better look of your essay. Better look of your essay means that the structure and format of your essay should be professional. To write a scholarly essay, you should adopt a plain and clear writing style and you should try to create unique and original content. The sources of your essay should also be authentic.

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How to Find Help Online for Your Literature Coursework Writing

Literature Coursework Writing
Literature is a subject that spreads far and wide. There is simply so much to keep in mind while literature coursework writing that a person becomes mad finding the right analysis for the right question. The problem starts when you look at the size of your syllabus. There are more chapters to cover than you can in the short period, then assignments after assignments, they keep coming in and you hardly have time to go through one thing properly to write an analysis on it. But thanks to the help that is available online. There are far too many websites for every kind of English Literature and there is almost everything covered over at the websites. You can find many of the websites out there and find a lot of things not just the text from the stories, essays or the novels.

They hire experts and have them write the analysis, explain the content line by line and have many study resources. But then there is another help which is far better than this all. You can hire writers to write your coursework. Coursework writing services are out there that help students deal with their Literature work. The best kind of help is available where you will not be required to do anything at all. You will just have to find a good writer by a little browsing around the internet. You will see that there are many writers available and they are always out there to provide help to the students. There are a lot of options available for the students to choose from and they can easily find a reliable writer online that suits them in every possible way.

One of the things that get students worried is that they feel that if they get help online, they will somehow be caught. First of all, since the service is available online, you do not need to meet anyone in person. You can choose to be anonymous while placing your order and they don’t mind. Secondly, they have a very strict policy and they do not give away their customer’s name and personal information at any cost. These services are very secure as their need is increasing day by day due to the increase of challenge in an academic life of a person. There are several reasons why taking help becomes important and you don’t have any other way out:
  • Coursework writing services are very helpful when you have exams approaching. You have work to do and exams to prepare for and due to that, you end up being all stressed.
  • Only this sort of help is reliable and you can’t trust your friends to provide you expert help in case of need.
  • If you have jobs or internships, you need someone to help you with your literature work because of course you don’t have time to sit and think and then do the work so you need help.

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How to Tackle with Internet Issues During Dissertation

How to Tackle with Internet Issues
The dissertation issues can be great in number and it is therefore requested that one must realize the fact and must try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. When you are writing a dissertation with help of a UK dissertation writing service, it is essential that you must keep in mind all the ideas for writing in a better manner. But still if there is no internet then there is no way.

With the 21st century technology, it is foolish not to get a complete internet access for a long time and if you feel that you are not able to find the right sort of connection or at the eleventh hour your work has not been completed and the internet is gone then no need to worry. Although it is usual that during dissertation period your emotional intensity has increased to a great extend and the idea of not having internet in your house can make you pretty sad but at the same time if you are losing hope then there is no way out. While dealing with the internet issue the dissertation could become quite big of an issue for you but you don’t need to worry as it is not the only way by which you can do your work.

The dissertation can be done by other means. All you need to do is to stay on the right tract and contact the right person to learn writing a dissertation. A very obvious problem solution could be the library around you but this is not the only place for you as sometimes the library cannot be proven fruitful. It is also important that you must understand that the library is a good source but at the same time there is a possibility that they won’t provide you the best of works because the books, you are searching for in your library may not be there. On the internet there is always an easy access and you can get things every easily while on the internet it can be problem. Here are some of the issues resolving tips for you.

Hire Services: When you feel that the internet access is not possible then you can always search for the number which is easily available. It is essential at that time to not waste your time but to ask the writing services to start working on your dissertation. The writing services will provide you with the best of the material and you will be able to write in the best possible manner. They will be doing your work in no time.

Spend Some Time in the Campus: It is essential then that you must spend your time in the campus for the internet access and get your job done by getting some coursework samples online. The campus has access to all sorts of journals majorly and if not then you can take memberships at library who are willing to pay you the best of works and internet access so save yourself from all this trouble and start working on solving your problem.

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What Television Programs Should Be Banned?

Television Programs
A television program is a content produced for broadcast via satellite, cable and internet. Nowadays, television programs contain violent sexual and other themes that may not appropriate for the children as well as society. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss what television programs should be banned.

Basically, television is the sources of entertainment and enjoyment but the bad program can spoil the lives of citizens. Therefore, bad programs should be banned by the government in order to keep peace in the country. It is most important that violent and sexual program should be banned. Susral “Fucking” Samar ka, is a very popular television show but full of fucking. According to the Wikipedia, “In reason one, the story revolves around two Indian sisters simmer and Roil.” Another show that should be banned is the “Big Boss”. It is a very boring show and has no entertainment for society. Therefore, it should be banned. Basically, it is a violent television program. It has no entertainment for the people. It was started 2 years ago; most people are against this show. It has many negative effects on the life of people. All these fake shows set the non-appeasable standard for the people. Therefore, this TV show must be banned.

Miss World: Miss World is another television program that should be banned. It leads to women in the wrong direction that may be harmful in the future. In 1968 there was a feminist group called the New York Radical Women. This group was stressed by people with negative views. However, any TV show has a negative and positive effect on the minds of people. Basically, this TV show should be banned, because, this show set attainable beauty standard for the women. This shows leads to young girls into the fake morality that is very harmful to human beings. Miss World is the most popular TV show that should be banned in order to set achievable beauty standard for the young girls.

Miss America: Miss American is an outdated show that should be banned. However, I think that women should not be judged by their appearance. In this show, women are presented with fake nails and fake beauty. It is a very boring show that should be banned. Actually, women take part in this show in order to remain young, because they win a title or young girl. Basically, women are changed after this crucial show; therefore this outdated show should be stopped in America. Basically, Miss America set a bad notion for all the other women. Most young girls want to watch this show, because, she feels that the world revolves around this way that is presented in the show. Nowadays, it looks very wrong that women are an object of decoration. The most TV show can gain popularity, because, most people like to watch these shows. This show must be banned in order to control fake religious standard in the society.

Friday, 22 February 2019

How TV Shows Impose Fake Moral Standards?

Fake Moral Standards
Morals are the rules that govern us what is wrong and what is right. A moral can be a conviction of society as well as individuals. Most TV shows impose a fake moral standard that is really detrimental to human beings. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of essay writing services will discuss how TV shows impose fake moral standards. Basically, TV shows present non-essential materials that are dangerous to the moral standard.

Non-tangible social equipment can be introduced through fake moral standards of commercial entities. Basically, it is wrong when people judge each other on their superficial bases and ignore the reality and human factors of honesty. In the US, 10 % people make suicide that is the cause of fake TV shows. Nowadays, most TV shows are facing criticism that they are present fake morality for human beings. To be sure, most TV shows do not present family morals and not helpful in order to accent opposition in society.

The moral standard of fake TV shows is at the lowered point, because, these shows present lower standard thinking among human beings. It is most important that morality show should be presented on the TV. Basically, there is no doubt that TV shows are the source of entertainment for all human beings, if these shows will present fake morality, then what will the future of human beings.

In spite of all, we watch popular TV shows and know these shows are counterfeit. Most people are doubtful that something is wrong on these shows. The violent shows and scandals make us affectionate and we start thinking negative sides of the things.

Most violent and war shows are presented on the TV that is not good for the peace of human beings. In the previous days, the TV screen was black and white, because, today's world is full colourful and every person wants to enjoy his or her life. It can be harmful to the country as well as religious values. It is an attack on moral values. However, the attitude of characters can encourage people to negative sides; therefore, all disorder TV program should be banned. It is most important that TV should present reality shows that are helpful for human beings in the future.

These shows provide models of family and friends to strive in their life and handle all things with bravery. However, it is the most important question that what archetypes are now portrayed on television for human beings. It is a most important question that why TV shows present fake morality of the nation and why they are not interested to show the reality of the things. This fake morality is the main reason for corruption and it leads to the young generation of the way of distraction. It is a very bad thing in moral society and the promiscuous one-night-stands for negative aspects in the life of people. TV series like “Will “and “Modern Family” has brought a great change in the minds of people. Basically, reality shows can promote to the hard work in the practical life.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Why are the US citizens rapidly becoming more obese?

In this argumentative essay, I will discuss why are the US citizens rapidly becoming more obese? We will discuss what the reasons of obese are and how it can be controlled. To understand the true size of the US obesity epidemic, we need to understand what is really means to be overweight. Basically, doctors and nutrition explain that healthy weight and overweight are obese. These different classifications can be explained by body mass index (BMI). The main measure of obesity is the Body Mass Index, or BMI, which allows comparisons of weight holding elevation constant. BMI is calculated as weight in kilograms separated by height in meters squared. BMI below 20 is considered thin, BMI between 25 and 30 is overweight, and BMI above 30 is obese. Basically, obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries the excess weight that is harmful to his or her health. A six-foot-tall man would be overweight at 184 pounds and obese at 221 pounds. If you are unable to write an academic paper about US people obese, then you should get help from the professional writers of dissertation proposal writing services.

Obesity in the US is a significant health concern that is leading preventable causes of death. The role of diet in the US obesity is major, but it is complex. On the other hand, larger portions and food packages are the main cause of US people obese. However, obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the US. Obesity is associated with several conditions such as no diet and too much food. US people with metabolic syndrome are at a higher risk of heart disease. Most people think that weight gain and obesity are caused by a lack of willpower. However, this is not true. Basically, overweight is driven by various biological factors like genetics and hormones. Overweight is the cause of many diseases that are harmful to human beings. Most people are affecting this major problem, because, they have no control over it. It can ruin the future of many people. However, US citizens are facing this major problem.

Obesity has a major genetic component, because, children of obese parents are too much obese. However, this does not mean that obesity is completely predetermined. Non-industrialized societies rapidly become obese when they start eating Western food. It means that a genetic component affects many societies.

Another major reason of US citizens obese is junk food. These products are cheap, but, really harmful for human beings. It is the main cause of being obese. These foods are tasty, because, food manufacturers are trying to increase sales. However, these foods promote overeating. Junk food can make our additional habit. The addition is a complex issue that can be difficult to control. Insulin is a very important hormone that regulates energy storage in our body. However, the Western diet promotes insulin resistance that is the cause of obese. Added sugar is another worst aspect of the modern diet, which is the main cause of US citizens’ obese.