Saturday, 29 May 2021

Why Students Should Have the Right to Get Free Education?

Get Free Education
Trillions of children and youngsters are unable to get an education and learn anything due to discrimination, poverty, inequality, and high standards in the quality of education, so on and so forth. So many of the children cannot read and write because they don’t attend school. Education can heal the big wounds of poor families by providing free education to their children. This can help them to live a healthy life with opportunities to get good jobs as well. Without this, so many of the poor families and their children remain trapped and live a life full of stress and hardships. This article by experts of an assignment writing service will explain and highlight the facts that why students should have the right to get free education.

Poverty and Free Education for Students:

Poverty has taken the right from so many poor families to teach their children. But on the other hand, it’s a route for most of the poor children in some countries. It helps them to learns about different skills and improve their lives. Yet at the same time, more than millions of children are unable to see even the insides of the classrooms. Most of the poor families do not send their children to school because they can’t afford it and they send them to work and earn money. Sometimes they keep them at home for their help in their chores. Ultimately, these children miss their schools firstly because of no money and secondly because they earn money to feed their families. They sacrifice their education and are trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Free Education for Students and Gender Inequality:

Educational right is universal for everyone. But so many families don’t allow their girls to get an education. There are so many reasons behind this point. Firstly they don’t have money to teach them; secondly, they give preference to boy’s education over girls’, thirdly many of the countries’ education systems do not serve girls in educational fields, so on and so forth. Gender discrimination and inequality leave a negative effect on access to girl’s education.

At the same time, girls in educational institutes face a lot of issues like; exploitation, violence, corporal punishments, harassment, sexual abuse, and whatnot. Most adolescent girls face child labor and early marriage issues. Girls’ education is very important it helps you to achieve sustainable development in every field of life. Education empowers the level of women to overcome gender discrimination and inequality. This helps them to live their life according to their choice and wish. Women's empowerment not only benefits their families, yet it creates positivity and adds their contribution to the welfare of society.

Free Education Brings Improvement in the Society:

More education will bring peace and prosperity to society. Education is the key to success. It helps people to solve the problems in a better way. With the help of educated people, you can bring so many good changes in society and it brings progress at a very fast rate. Additionally, educated people always understand the facts about the history of their society and can also judge the economic condition of the society. If children from poor families will get free education they will get a good future and later will serve society in a better way. Good employees with high skills lead the systems to higher levels.

Countries that Offers Free Education for the Students:

There are so many countries that offer free education to their students. These countries understand the facts about the positive outcome of a debt-free education. The countries that provide free educations to their students are; Austria, Finland, Germany, France, and Spain, etc.

Value of Free Education:

Most of the schools, colleges, and universities get financial aids from so many elite parents and organizations within and outside of the country. The students who are intelligent and do not have enough money to get an education must get scholarships from these educational institutes. It is the right of a student to get a good education for free of cost if they can’t pay the fee. There so many ways that should be considered to provide tuition-free education to deserving students. In some of the countries, the government is helping so many students for free education. It is the responsibility of the government to provide aid to poor families for their children’s education. There are so many government and private NGEOS that help students in their education. And aims to provide aids to their families as well.