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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Do Your Academic Marks Really Matter in Getting a Perfect Job?

Do Academic Marks Really Matter
Generally in our society, marks and GPA are considered as the first and last thing. Whether it is about getting admission, moving abroad, or searching for a job, the first question you will be asked is about your grades and GPA. But the point of consideration is does GPS really matter? Let’s have a broader look at what a GPA is and how it impacts your career. Grade point average also known as GPA is a scale that shows how well you score in your courses. GPA scale is from 1.0 to 4.0. During your studies you are assessed on the basis of your GPA. If you are deciding to study further your GPA matters a lot.

If you are deciding to pursue a career in academia or in technical fields like engineering, accountancy, medicine, medical, or economics your grades and GPA is very important because these fields require theoretical knowledge. If you want to join the common workforce you are judged on the basis of your skills and training. But with the passage of time as you move forward with your life your grades become less important and irrelevant. If you have a high GPA that means you discern the book knowledge. But there are no defined parameters for a good or bad GPA. But generally, a score less than 60% is considered poor or low.

There can be many reasons behind your low GPA. It may be because you chose the wrong majors, or the courses were very difficult for you. May be you don’t get assignment help from experts. If you are still in your university or college, you still have time to reconsider your efforts, change the majors, or start working hard. If you have graduated, then think and plan about the next step. If pursuing further studies is the best or you should look for a job or start your own business. If you are planning for higher studies, a low GPA will be problematic. You should go for entry tests like GAT, GMAT, CAT or M Tech.

You can score higher in these tests by working hard or joining academies for preparation. A good percentage or score in these tests will increase your overall average and help in getting admission. Compile all your research work and projects to create a portfolio to present in an interview to show you are more than just a bookworm. You can also get reference letters from your previous professors. If you are deciding to have a job, then there are multiple options to work on. You can start working as a freelancer. Another option is preparing for competitive exams. You can also search and apply for government jobs. Because in most of the government job minimum criteria is 60% marks.

You can also plan to have short term courses for enhancing your technical skills, which will make your resume more attractive. There are many firms which don’t reject applications on the basis of low GPAs. They want to listen more about the technical and interpersonal skills a candidate possesses and they want to know more about the ways in which you would be beneficial for the organization. Some employers want a minimum of 3.0 GPA. They can give preference to a candidate with 3.2 GPA over a candidate with 3.9 GPA because of his skills.

A low GPA does not mean you are not intelligent or hardworking. If you are not very good in academics try to build your other skills, like try to have more grips in computer based skills. Many employees often complain that there is a coworker in their office who does not have a bright academic record, but still he is enjoying a good job with perks and privileges. Have you often thought about why it is so? It is mostly because they do let their academic record be a hindrance in achieving their goals. They enhanced their skills and groomed their personality to hide their weaknesses. 

If you have low grades which are causing hurdles in your academic and career goals, do let yourself be led down. Stay positive as this is not the end of the world. The grades and marks not alone indicate your potential and strengths. The internet is crowded with the examples of successful people who were college dropouts, but now they are tycoons. These billionaires include Bill Gates was dropout from Harvard University; Mark Zuckerberg was also dropout from college. But that does not mean GPA is not important. For a good career a mix and match of good GPA and some expertise in skills works best.