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Friday, 24 January 2020

How to Write a Dissertation in 5 Days

How to Write Dissertation
Dissertations require and deserve a dedicated slot of time from your life. The research has to be carefully developed and requires a lot of care and attention than your average assignment or homework. I should never be rushed unless you want to risk messing it up. But let’s assume there is some really good reason that you were unable to start at an earlier time and now when you checked, you only have 5 days left to submit your dissertation. So the question arises, can a dissertation be written in 5 days? The answer is “not recommended, but yes”.

So let’s assume that you have only 5 days now to complete your dissertation. First thing you need to do is to change the number of days in your head from 5 to 4 days remaining. This will allow you to concentrate and finish the majority of your work in 4 days, then tie up any loose ends on the 5th and you’d be good to go. The changing of days is in no way to pressurize you; it is for better time and resource management.

Now, Day 1, and you’re getting super anxious and stressful about the mountain of work you see up ahead. The first thing you need to do is channel all the stress and change it to motivation. This might seem like a text book statement but it is not. You can actually concentrate and convert the stress that you’re feeling to motivation. Allow us to demonstrate with an example, when you think: “how am I going to do this? This is not possible” change it to something along the lines of; “I can do this, I don’t have any other options, that’s why I can do this”. As told by a dissertation editing service expert that this will boost your productivity level so much that you will start working with vigor.

One of the most important things you need to do before you start anything else, plan out each and every step ahead of time, including time stamps and intricate details. Take all the time you need for it, you can take half a day for this even. But make sure you plan it all out in a written format and set up individual tasks hour by hour. Judge yourself right and set the time and task according to what you feel the best you can achieve by pushing yourself to the maximum. An example of the task can be along the lines of: “Complete research for topic A in no more than sixty minutes” or “write 1000 words within the next 2 hours” etc. So you know best whether you can write a thousand words in two hour or not. Let’s say you have already written around 800 words in 2 hours, that’s for sure. So if you push yourself a little harder you can increase that number to 1000 words. So that becomes do-able. Finish these tasks on time, because each task delayed means it delays all of the remaining tasks in the list, and we cannot have that under any circumstance if we are to meet our time limit.

Distractions, we get them a lot when we’re trying to work, and it seems like especially when there is a time constraint. What’s the one thing that pops in to your head that distracts you the most when working? 90 percent of the time the answer is food/snacks. Your tummy grumbles and you leave everything to go hunt for a sandwich in the fridge or some crisps in the cupboard. When you don’t find any you head out to get some or you go back to work, and keep thinking about it, until you head out to get some. So let’s manage this, before you sit down to work on your dissertation, even before you write the background, go to the grocery store and get yourself the snacks required for your current ordeal. Get some healthy snacks as well like fruit, carrots and celery.

The fresh snack helps keep your mind fresh and alert while working on your dissertation. Stock them up and then sit down for your work. Be sure to get some tea or coffee as well you are going to need it now more than ever. Speaking of distractions, find yourself a good spot where you can cut yourself off from the world. Make sure you turn off all access to your social networks and if possible turn off your cell. It’s highly recommended that you tell your friends and family that you won’t be available for the next five days so you can work uninterrupted.

Sleep cycle adjustment is a thing that can be tough work. You will have to work hard on this one. You can do one thing to maintain sleep and get enough rest and concentrate on the work at the same time. It is that you can sleep when you feel sleepy during the work and sleep for an hour or two, just enough to keep you charged and going. Since you have made adjustments in your work routine anyway for your dissertation, a little effort here will give you a lot of help. If you sleep for shorter periods and you work in between the gaps, you will save time and you will work with a presence of mind. Power sleep is a term for sleeping for shorter time so that you can get back to work fresher.

A very important thing in your dissertation is proofreading. You can ask someone’s help to proofread the work you have already done while you are working on the other work. It will save time and by the end you are done with the written work, your work will also be done with proofreading. Although it may seem almost impossible at the start of such a massive task to make it and conclude it all in only five days but nothing is impossible in this world, you can pull it off and believing in yourself is the first step!