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10 Hacks To Write A Critical Literature Review

The evaluation of the existing literature relevant to a topic idea is a literature review. It is the best way to show the state of the art of the topic on which you are working. While creating a literature review, you will have to keep in mind its four components. First, it surveys the literature of your chosen subject area. Secondly, it synthesizes the information in the form of a summary. Thirdly, you will have to critically analyze the existing information. At last, you will have to follow an organized manner to evaluate the information. Here, we will discuss some hacks to write a critical dissertation literature review . Define Topic and Audience The first hack to write a literature review is to define the topic and audience. While selecting this topic, you should make sure that it should be interesting to you and your audience. You can select an important aspect of the field as a topic idea. Sometimes, you can also make a well-defined issue in your field your topic idea. Before se