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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

5 Most Important Guidelines to Write a Review Article

 Review Article

A literature review is another name of the review article. It’s a survey or research of already published work by some other author. The main objective of the review article is to critically analyze the available data of a specific discipline. A good review article should always work hard to synthesize, criticize and summarize the research about the specific given topic. It should be original work and shouldn’t be presented by adding extra experimental results. A review article has different dimensions and categories.

It is based on conceptual information and a reasonable degree of research analysis. A literature review generally focuses on few things; it explains the current situation of the knowledge by explicating it in detail. It provides a comprehensive foundation for the study. It not only identifies the gaps of study but also gives the potential for future study and research. Lastly, it highlights the new techniques and methodologies for the research. This article by experts of dissertation writing services aims to discuss the five most important guidelines to write a review article.

Define/Select the Topic:

The first and foremost step is to think about the topic you are going to write about. The world is full of issues. Even if you spend your whole life reading literature or attending conferences and seminars you won’t be able to under it. Apart from that only one topic of your choice can be taken for writing a review article as per your requirements. The topic should be very interesting and stimulating for you. Secondly, it should be related to any aspect of your field. And lastly, the topic must be on a well-defined and definite issue. These three points are very important in topic selection. If you will not follow these steps and select a random topic for literature review, you may get exhausted and fail to do so. Or maybe you couldn’t get proper data and information about the topic. Therefore, the selection of topic should be very interesting, not only for writers but also for readers.

Search the Literature:

After the selection of your topic, you need to search the authentic data for your review article. Students should gather as much information as they can. They should read relevant papers and books. They should follow certain steps while working on this point. Keep checking the data that you have download for your help and read it. Also, make sure to use a paper management system. The criteria of your research should base on the defined scope. Most importantly, try to review and read the data that is reviewed by other people about the same area or discipline previously. Sometimes it happens that most of the topic you chose for your review article is reviewed by some other authors or writers. Don’t just give up and try to tackle and create it with a new dimension and work with proper planning.

Make the Review Focused and Broad:

Firstly, the topic should be of your choice and interest. Secondly, when you try to work on it always stay focused and motivated. Don’t indulge yourself in complexities. Make it simple, interesting, and broad. Try not to focus on different things at the same time, yet follow each step one by one. Make sure to fill the gaps in your review article. Focusing is a very important part of writing a review article. It maintains the balance between you and your audience.

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Be Logical and Critical:

Writing a review article is not as simple as people think about it. It needs a lot of attention and time. It’s not about summarizing any piece of literature, yet to identify the issues, critically analyze them, and finding out the research gaps. When a reader should read your literature review he/she should understand each point in a very simple and logical way. Like a well-cooked and tasty dish, a review should have good features. It should worth the time of the reader. The structure of your review should be very simple yet outstanding.

Sum Up the Work:

After gathering all the information, write it down and try to sum up your review article. In the end, you may give a few suggestions and tips for future study and research. You need to conclude your review article and summarize all the text in few points. All the points should relevant to your topic. Finally, proofread your text, edit, and format it before submission. Try to take help from someone for proofreading and feedback. Make sure you have used good sentence structure and correct grammar.